The Benefits of Laser Lipo over Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction is a relatively new procedure. European surgeons began experimenting with this technique for body fat removal in the late 1960s, but the global medical community did not consider the procedure safe enough to perform with any real regularity until the vacuum method surfaced in 1982. Now, plastic surgery has advanced even more, and many surgeons are beginning to use a laser lipo technique on their patients.

Traditional Lipo

The method of plastic surgery that most people are familiar with is traditional liposuction. The procedure uses a suctioning device, and the surgeon inserts a small straw-like tool called a “cannula” through a tiny incision under the skin. Then, the surgeon vacuums the fat from the patient’s body using a back and forth motion. This technique breaks up the fat cells and allows for their removal by the suctioning device.
The size of the cannula used in traditional lipo is about 6mm. The size of the instrument increases the amount of post-surgery bleeding as well as the risk of scarring. The recovery time is generally longer as well and the results are sometimes undesirable. With traditional lipo, a lumpy, uneven skin appearance is more likely to result than with the newer laser method.

Laser Lipo

The most common form of laser-assisted liposuction goes by the trade name Smart Lipo, and it is an FDA-Approved medical procedure. Surgeons use a laser to liquefy fat cells and then suction the fluid from the body. During a laser liposuction, patients are only administered a local anesthetic, whereas doctors must use general anesthesia if the patient chooses to undergo traditional lipo.
Laser lipo is much more precise than traditional liposuction. It allows for the blood vessels and connective tissue around the surgical site to remain intact, and this translates to faster healing time as well as minimal bruising and swelling. Additionally, the instrument used during a laser liposuction procedure is far smaller than the traditional vacuum, so there is minimal scarring to deal with after the surgery.

Your Body after Laser Lipo

The safety and reduced healing time are definitely reasons to opt for the laser, but the most compelling incentive for this method has to be the results. Laser liposuction can be performed on smaller areas of the body far more precisely than the traditional method. The outcome is a beautifully refined skin appearance, with no bulkiness or lumps.
If you are considering laser lipo surgery, review your options carefully before deciding which method is right for you. Consult with your surgeon to weigh the costs and benefits of each technique, and choose the one that your doctor thinks will benefit your body the most greatly.

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