Strawberry What? The Naked Truth About Strawberry Laser Liposuction

Strawberry laser liposuction– when you first hear the term it sounds like some new age mumbo jumbo.  However, a growing number of fans and critics alike are beginning to agree that unlike other hyped up remedies that are on the market today, this new procedure holds more weight than some may initially believe.

We all know the difficulty of losing a few pounds, and in a world where image and health are so important, people are constantly searching for new, easy and healthy ways to shed that unwanted fat.  Many have turned to everything from the newest exercise crazes to surgical procedures such as traditional liposuction to accomplish this much wanted healthy look.  But for those who do not feel that these methods are for them, strawberry laser liposuction may be the happy medium they have been looking for.  Not only that, but this new procedure appears to have even more unique advantages than first believed.  Below is a brief explanation of what strawberry laser liposuction is and what it has been successful with when it comes to anti-aging, and health.

Strawberry Laser liposuction can help you Lose Weight

Strawberry laser Liposuction is probably most well known for its ability to help people shed their pounds.  This is done in a non surgical manner where the body is not harmed in any way.  The way that this is accomplished is through a unique process where the laser penetrates the skin where it causes fat cells to sweat out water, glycerol and fatty acids.  This immediately reduces the size of the fat cells.  The fatty liquid is then naturally drained through the body’s lymphatic system, where it is digested like other fatty foods.  This has been proven to give healthy and amazing results.

Strawberry Laser Liposuction can help Reduce Stretch marks

Stretch marks are something that many of us have to deal with.  Stretch marks usually occur when people have any rapid change in their body such as weight gain, growth spurts, muscle gain, or pregnancy.  When this happens, there is a tearing of the dermis or inner layer of skin, and we call this a stretch mark.  Strawberry laser liposuction is able to clear up stretch marks by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin.  This helps make the skin under the stretch mark thicker and builds elasticity in the skin as well.  It is also important to point out that while the procedure does help improve the appearance of stretch marks, it does not get rid of them altogether.

Strawberry Laser liposuction can help you to get rid of bags under your eyes

Strawberry laser liposuction is able to reduce bags around the eyes by using two different laser heads.   The first laser performs a function that is similar to the weight loss method, in that it reduces the amount of fat in that specific spot and tightens the skin.  Water, glycerol, and fatty acids are removed from the fat cell, leaving it unharmed.
The section laser then goes to work on the dark patches of your skin.  It does the by penetrating deep into the skin and activating the body’s natural defense system.  As a result mast cells are triggered to visit that area of the skin, thus inducing elastin fiber and collagen remodeling. This helps the skin look more natural and normal.

Strawberry Laser liposuction can help you Quit smoking

Strawberry laser liposuction is even said to be successful in helping individuals to quit smoking.  It does this by stimulating specific acupressure points that are proven to be connected with cigarette addiction.  It also is believed that the procedure is able to increase endorphin levels, much like nicotine does.  By both stimulating the acupressure points connected with cigarette addiction and increasing endorphin levels, smokers are able to greatly reduce, and in some cases eliminate the physical cravings often connected to cigarette addiction.  Needless to say, by greatly reducing or even eliminating cravings, smokers have a much easier time quitting the habit altogether.

Well, there you have it.  In a nutshell you see what strawberry laser liposuction is and how it can help you with you fight against aging.  Please be mindful that this procedure should also be used in conjunction with daily good eating and exercising.  However, by combing the two, people have seen much faster and effective results than ever imaginable.  Hopefully this will help you make an educated choice on the subject.

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